Recipes needed

Thanksgiving is done. I ate too much and have leftovers that could last until Christmas.

The Day After Thanksgiving, traditionally I make gumbo with whatever turkey didn’t get eaten. The last couple of years I have had epic fails. I burnt the roux last year and threw in the towel. I need some new recipes for all this excess fowl.

Hash? Quesadillas? Turkey salad? Maybe Alfredo?

I’m too full to think about it now. I’ll ponder on it tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Recipes needed

  1. Pasta bake. Add veg and an onion to cooked pasta with a stock cube, shred/strip your meat, mix and put in a large flat baking dish. Cover with grated cheese and bake at 180 C for half an hour.
    Note: my SIL crushed plain crisps and mixed it with her cheese for a crunchy topping.

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