I want to ride my bi-cyc-le

This rehab stuff is making me stabby. It’s like two steps forward and one step back.

Sunday was great. Went for a walk, got a bend in the knee to a point I hadn’t reached before, and I was walking pretty steady. Then, Monday came and I was all wonky again. Could barely get my foot flat on the floor, just about tipped over walking down the hallway. It’s frustrating.

Then today, Tuesday.

Warming up on the stationary bike – the one where I could only go so far forward and back? Today I made a full rotation, almost by accident. I may have “squeed” out loud. Had to look around the room to make sure none of the other patients heard me, then tried to get my therapist’s attention so he COULD see me.

To make sure it wasn’t a fluke I did it again, both ways. It was ridiculous how stoked I was.

The full turn on the bike wasn’t spectacular enough. My therapist wasn’t taking any slacking from me and managed to “help” me get a 115-degree bend. That’s almost 10 degrees more than last time measured. If I had had any breath left in my lungs, I would have said one of my fancy words. About all I managed was an audible gasp.

I have a feeling that nothing short of puking will dissuade my therapist from pushing me to work harder.

Even with the pending food binge holiday, I’ll get three PT sessions in this week and hopefully this weekend will hit my goal of walking 1/2 a mile.


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