Adventures in shopping

With my first surgery follow-up done, I’m more confident about getting and about. Even with the walker, I’m managing pretty well.

My son drove me to the grocery store today. That was an adventure. I picked up my temporary handicap sticker so we could park fairly close the to front door AND I got to use one of those spiffy motorized scooters.

While the scooter, with it’s roomy basket, made shopping easier than if I tried to shop with just a grocery cart, there were some disappointments.

Did you know those scooters have restricter plates! There is no racing other scooter bound shoppers down the frozen food aisle. It also means there is no ramming speed. You lose the element of surprise if you feel compelled to run over jerks blocking access to the milk cooler.

Maybe I shouldn’t be released back into the wild just yet. Don’t be surprised if one day you hear over the store PA system, “road rager on aisle 8.”


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