All the cool kids are doing it

You may have noticed a small notation at the bottom of my recent posts. Something like 4/30. That indicates this particular post is the 4th of 30.

That’s right, I’m diving into National Blog Posting Month (more affectionately nicknamed NaBloPoMo), the little Sister of that behemoth writing challenge National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) where participants attempt to write 50,000 words in one month.

NaBloPoMo, in it’s own way, is equally challenging. One post published each day of November. NaNoWriMo you can skip days and catch up later. There is no slacking in NaBloPoMo

It’s too nerve rattling to me to HAVE to write an average of 2500 words a day. Nope. Unless I have a clear idea of what I want to write, it’s the equivalent of forcing a kid to eat all their Brussels Sprouts before they can leave the table.

Once a day, for 30 days is more my speed. No word count, no restrictions on genre, no requirement the post be written. For an amateur photographer like me, that’s golden.

In years past, when I joined the NaBloPoMo crowd, there was a mega-huge blog conference website that hosted one of many blog rolls where we could check out who else was writing and where to find them. Apparently, said website doesn’t do that any longer, or I’ve simply failed to navigate the website to this year’s engagement.

Blog Rolls are as Old School as it gets. Before feed readers you simply made list of blogs you frequented and added it to your website sidebar. That was when people actually read other people’s blog on the regular and didn’t just interact on social media.

I had a BR, and it was spectacular. Then I gave into peer pressure and joined the Feed Reader Crowd. It was bliss. So much easier to keep track of internet friends..

Then Facebook exploded and bloggers stopped blogging and instead posted status updates.

I’ve neglected my poor blog lately. In it’s youth, it was not uncommon for me to post daily, sometime more than once a day. Now,  I’m doing good to get one post published a week.

It’s for that reason that I wanted to do NaBloPoMo again. A self-imposed regiment to force me to actually sit down and write something, do anything.

That’s my heads up that my November posts will be an eclectic collection of drivel, photos, additions to my WIP, life stories and flash fictions.


Because I also wanted to reconnect with other bloggers, I asked on Facebook (oh, the irony) who else was participating. I got names and web addresses.

I have actually started a new… wait for it… Blog Roll.

I’m not sure it this linky thing will work like I hope it does, but I’m adding a Link Up for anyone who is also joining in NaBloPoMo. Just enter your website URL and I’ll keep a running list so we can all stop by with a little comment love. Just like in the old days.

Sign up:


8 thoughts on “All the cool kids are doing it

  1. I’m so non-committal that I’ve skipped NaNoWriMo the last four years. I’m doing well to remember to brush my hair every day, much less consistently create a blog post.

    Good luck with your posts — looking forward to seeing them!

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  2. I’m in! My laziness when it comes to blogging/writing has become ridiculous. I’m hoping this will give me the little push I need to get back on track.

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  3. Brilliant idea – I saw you mentioning it the other day and wondered what it was. I wish I’d asked as now it’s too late to catch up! I decided not to try Nanowrimo this year – simply too much going on, but I’d have had a go at this! Good for you!

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