Gentle journey

We said, “goodbye” to our sweet, dear Hershey this morning. She has been a special part of our family since 2006 when our daughter came home begging to rescue a little chocolate Lab puppy. Hershey’s first weeks with us were rough, and she barely survived the parvovirus that killed the rest of her litter mates.

Hershey has been little sister to our matriarch Maxx, a mom to our little Asta, and our precious, “Big, Ol’ Dog.”

She loved squirrels and walks, hated baths and nail trims. She would knocked down anyone in-between her and her treats, and if you sat in her corner spot on the couch, she would stare you down until you moved.

Hershey drifted into peaceful sleep surrounded by her family and friends. Her big, loving heart just gave up.

We are grateful to the staff at Bluewater Bay Animal Hospital and Dr. Jason Harris for their compassion and understanding.

Gentle journey, Beloved…



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