Gentle journey

Gentle journey

We said, "goodbye" to our sweet, dear Hershey this morning. She has been a special part of our family since 2006 when our daughter came home begging to rescue a little chocolate Lab puppy. Hershey's first weeks with us were rough, and she barely survived the parvovirus that killed the rest of her litter mates. [...]

Broken bones

It’s been two full days, and our new fur kid, Asta, is assimilating nicely. She’s not as shy, coming to us when we call, and letting us pet and hold her.  She’s playfully interacting with our older dog, Hershey, and seems comfortable in her new home. One reason we were so charmed by her, is [...]

Welcome home, Asta

She's home! After an interminable two-week wait, our newest fur kid, Asta is finally home. She is the sweetest little, Lab-mix, and Asta's older 'sister' Hershey is accepting her adopted sibling as if she was always a member of our family.  Po isn't quite sure about Asta, but I think she's warming up to her. Our [...]