Say, say, Sayuki

Sayuki, her mother, and four siblings were rescued when she was only 10 days old. The kits were hand bottled-fed until they were old enough for solid food. Mom, Mia (nee, Chaz), sick with a life-threatening infection, needed emergency medical help.

Fortunately, mom recovered and the kittens grew happy and health. We were able to find Forever Homes for Say’s brothers and sisters, and we added her and her mother to our family.

Maybe it’s because I had such a big hand – pun intended – in raising her, Say has been especially close to me. She’s nearly a year old and she will still snuggle up under my chin to sleep at night. Her purring is very soothing and she gives sweet kitty kisses.

It’s cliche, but I’m not sure who saved who…

(The pic of Say in the pet carrier was taken on our way home after she had to undergo minor surgery. Still groggy from the anesthesia, she couldn’t quite sit up unassisted.)

Inspiration: Friend

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