Wanting to stay

Steam lifted from the saturated forest floor, hot breath of electrified air caused my heart to beat a little faster.

Tropical storms, coming after a long, dry winter, couldn’t sate the arid soil. Thirsty for so long, the ground luxuriated in the warm rainwater. Swollen rain drops clung to branches and leaves like impassioned tears.

The heady petrichor seduced me further into the lush green. Drunk on a scent that was both sweet and exciting, I stepped out onto the narrow footpath, teetering on unsteady legs.

Alone in the woods, I was surrounded by ebony pools. The pull of the inky depths called to me to rest in their welcoming embrace.

Forest spirits murmured all around me, tempting me as I wended my way among the trees and wet lands. Teasing dryads coaxed me deeper into the woods. Naiades teased me, offering me safe passage through their watery realm.

I promised my fealty, wanting to stay with them, but knowing I couldn’t.

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Light and Shade Challenge: “Never promise more than you can perform.” ~ Publilius Syrus (~10 BCE).”
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Inspiration: A narrow path

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