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Wanting to stay

Steam lifted from the saturated forest floor, hot breath of electrified air caused my heart to beat a little faster. Tropical storms, coming after a long, dry winter, couldn’t sate the arid soil. Thirsty for so long, the ground luxuriated in the warm rainwater. Swollen rain drops clung to branches and leaves like impassioned tears.… Continue reading Wanting to stay

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Grampa butterfly

Huge tangles of black and orange hung in the trees, quivering with anticipation. Each butterfly’s beat of rice-paper thin mosaic wings, stirred the air, wafting perfume from it flowery perch. Mesmerized, Jorja sat beneath a kaleidoscope of butterflies, watching as a single monarch flitted from the rabble to settle on another swarm. Her mother, Laurie,… Continue reading Grampa butterfly

100 Word Prompt

100 Word Challenge: History

I got a new book this week, a retelling of Norse Mythology written by Neil Gaiman. Aside from Gaiman being one of my favorite writers, I also have an affinity for the subject matter. Back in the day, back in the dark ages before the internet and Google, my grandfather researched our family tree, tracing… Continue reading 100 Word Challenge: History

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Mythical beasts

The grey platform, constructed of stone and metal, sat upon the healing land like a scab - guarding a still-tender wound not yet whole. After eons of neglect, the surrounding scorched landscape was beginning to return to its once lush green. Outside of flame range, scrub pines were fighting to survive. Closer in, small vines and… Continue reading Mythical beasts

whitewashed wooden deer
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White stag

“A pale hart, as white as a full moon, rears on its hind legs, trumpeting his arrival. A messenger from the netherworld, bringing a dire warning to sinners.” I could only stare at him, and sadly shake my head. “Seriously, that’s the best you can do?” “This is a majestic, mythological beast.” He made a… Continue reading White stag

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Fly like an eagle

Animals play an significant part in Celtic mythology. The raven is often seen as harbingers of war and death. In Irish folklore, Warrior Goddess Morrighan would take the shape of a raven, and mete out who would be triumphant on the field of battle, and who would be carried off on his shield. Eagles, associated… Continue reading Fly like an eagle

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I went to witness the closing of another day. A sunset of ochre and gold, vermillion and flame. The scent of turmeric and ginger in the air, cinnamon and rooibos, pungent and alluring. Instead I found a mythological messenger. An iridescent creature as delicate as the wind, bringing omens of peace and harmony. Stained-glass wings… Continue reading Serendipity