Getting the word out

Writer’s Block [noun] the state of stymied inspiration; unable to coherently write or lacking the ability to form new ideas or create new storylines; when the voices in your head stop talking to you.

We all need a little help, or a gentle push, sometimes to get our imagination going. Other times, it’s fun to be part of a group, to read how other writers interpret the same idea, to give and receive constructive critiques on our writing, to give and receive encouragement, to be part of a community of other creative people.

Beginning on Wednesday, I happily take over as host of 100 Word Challenge. Originally home at Velvet Verbosity, the writing prompt is moving to Thin spiral notebook. I’ve been a part of VV’s 100 Words since 2010. Writing under such narrow perimeters, you learn to tell a story with very few extraneous words. You also learn to find a single word to take the place of two or three. It builds your vocabulary, and forces you to self-edit. That little skill is invaluable.

Come back later to find out what the new 100 Word prompt will be and join in the writing fun.

I also have the privilege of moderating a two other writing prompt/challenges at Studio 30+ and The Darkroom at Our Write Side.

All three prompts offer something a little different to light that spark of imagination. You’re sure to find one (or more) to inspire you.

I invite you to participate any or all three challenges.

100 Word Challenge badge

  • Posts on Wednesday morning; deadline Tuesday night
  • One word prompt; use in submission or implied
  • 100 words – no more, no less
  • Hyphenated words count as one word
  • Any genre – fiction, memoir, poetry, thriller, mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, etc…
  • If posting on own website, link back to prompt page
  • Add post URL to Mr. Linky (link to the specific post, and not just the homepage)
  • If you don’t have a website, leave submission in the comment section
  • One submission per person

Studio30 Plus badge

  • Posts on Monday morning, deadline Sunday night.
  • Two prompts – similar words; can use one or both, any tense
  • Must use prompt in submission
  • Word limit 700
  • Add link to submission in comments
  • One submission per person
    Studio 30+

  • Posts on Thursday morning; deadline Wednesday night
  • Photo prompt; can use as inspiration, or as scene of story action
  • 1,000 word limit
  • Link back to prompt page; or submit entry in comments
    The Darkroom

6 thoughts on “Getting the word out

  1. Great news.

    100 words is how you and I found each other almost 6 years ago. This is perfect.

    I’m looking forward to this. You are the proper bearer of the torch passing.

    Liked by 1 person

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