100 Word Challenge: Blank

For the longest time, my writing mojo has been on the fritz. I just couldn’t get my brain to come up with any stories, or at least any that I wanted to pursue. That was until today. I’ve been taking notes while watching documentaries on Netflix. There are a lot of good fictional story ideas […]

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Getting the word out

Writer’s Block [noun] the state of stymied inspiration; unable to coherently write or lacking the ability to form new ideas or create new storylines; when the voices in your head stop talking to you. We all need a little help, or a gentle push, sometimes to get our imagination going. Other times, it’s fun to […]

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large grasshopper

I usually work well with a deadline. I may push that line, bending it as far as I can, but I rarely break it. That is, until it’s a self-imposed deadline. If I commit myself to something like this month’s NaBloPoMo schedule, or when I participated in past year’s Novel Writing Month – with it’s […]

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Fill’er up

old gas pump dials

If only there were filling stations for our brains. Not like a school for “book learning,” but somewhere we can go when we’re only running on fumes. When there’s no fuel to spark an idea. We’re barely chugging along, and there’s no tow truck, no Good Samaritan to give us a push, not even a […]

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Typing test


Her Noisy Typer app was working perfectly. Despite the silicone skin lying protectively over her laptop keyboard, the nostalgic clacking of letters materializing across her screen was comforting. Too bad the words were complete twaddle. How she longed for the days when she could rip out the offending paper from the carriage, wadding it into […]

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Writer’s block

It’s not life or death. It’s not even a make or break business deal, a non-negotiable deadline that could mean a cut in pay or total loss of a job. It’s a personal mission to write some little something that doesn’t completely suck and maybe, just maybe garner a few ‘nice job’ comments from faceless […]

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