Typing test


Her Noisy Typer app was working perfectly. Despite the silicone skin lying protectively over her laptop keyboard, the nostalgic clacking of letters materializing across her screen was comforting.

Too bad the words were complete twaddle. How she longed for the days when she could rip out the offending paper from the carriage, wadding it into a tight angry ball of frustration and fling it with righteous indignation in a waiting trash can.

If only closing the laptop could erase the atrociously mundane sentences from her memory. Any attempts at writing were a blinking neon sign, taunting and mocking her.


The 100 Word Challenge is to tell a story in only 100 words. This week’s theme is “Reset”

11 thoughts on “Typing test

  1. is there such a thing? Really? I would love the comfort of that sound while I tried to write.

    if only that App would write the words for us. *sigh*


  2. Lol, I remember plucking away at those high keys and ripping the paper out. Oh and using white out and having to backspace over the keys. hehe. But now…. one would have to throw the keyboard or laptop or iPad across the room and to what use?


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