Still standing

“I’m still standing better than I ever did..” ~ Elton John, “I’m Still Standing.”

old wooden dock

I have rheumatoid arthritis. The disease is bilateral, which means that it affects both sides of the body. Whereas, osteoarthritis can damage a right knee, or left elbow. If you have RA, both knees are affected, or both elbows. My RA has settled in my lower extremities – mainly my feet, knees, hips and lower back. I enjoy long walks or meandering hikes at nearby parks and trails. Sometimes my disease and my favored outdoor pastimes don’t play well together.

On good days, I barely notice the aches and pains. On other days, especially cold ones, it feels like someone smashed every joint in my legs and feet with a hammer. It’s an understatement to say it’s detrimental to any physical activity. Walks and hikes are often neglected.

There are times when I am disheartened and feel more than a little decrepit. Then, when I do get out and wander my woods and beaches, I come across scenes like this. An old, wooden dock, barely upright, listing to one side and near collapse. But, it’s still standing, it’s still hanging on.

And, here I am. I might be a little lopsided, my knees may threaten to give out, but I’m still standing, and walking, and hiking.

wordpress button grunge
Submitted to Weekly Photo Challenge: “show something you’re optimistic about, or …that helps you stay positive and hopeful.”

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