Window cracked

broken truck windshield

They say that I am broken, like the window in my old truck. Cracked, shattered, fractured into so many pieces I will never be whole again.

But, they are wrong.

A chip here and there, hardly makes me ruined. I have character. I have Kintsugi. My scars make me beautiful. They are hieroglyphs that tell my story in all its glorious fullness. They show my depth and vibrancy.

My broken pieces are 3-D IMAX, in-your-face, action-adventure reality. They don’t leave me damaged. They give me the freedom to rearrange myself into whatever I want to be.

NaBloPoMo May 2015
wordpress button grunge
Submitted to Weekly Photo Challenge: “capture something broken.”
The 100 Word Challenge is to tell a story in only 100 words. This week’s theme is “Smooth”

8 thoughts on “Window cracked

  1. At first I thought you were responding to my email about ESW site being broken. Then I had to back up and start again. Love the idea of breaking so you can then be whatever your want to be. Have done this a few times in my life.

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  2. To be broken means you see into a loving soul and that make you whole ,if of course wholeness is what you seek . i ‘m all for a few cracks myself …adds character .
    I love your dog , what is his name ? and your gorgeous sensitive son send him to me …you are blessed
    CHERRYX i hve heard of the Chinese tradition of gold paint …wow it just gets better .

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  3. First, this reminds me of a photograph by a dear friend taken years ago. A black and white of a cracked windshield of an old rusty jeep. There was something terribly provocative about that photo, like this one.

    That aside, love this piece and that you didn’t use the actual word, but instead used it as inspiration. 🙂

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