Hiking companions

Black Labs walking

These two – my furry, nuggets of unconditional love – are my always eager hiking companions. They are quick to rush out the door, straining hard against their leashes, taking me along whether I’m ready or not.

Hershey, our nearly 8-year-old grandame, a Valentine’s presents from a long-gone high school boyfriend, is the calm to Asta’s amped up energy.

Asta, our petite snuggler, came to us broken, but was aggrandized with gold. She never looked back, nor let her fierce beginnings slow her down. Always pulling with the heart of an Iditarod musher, she stops only to sniff or pee on something, and everything. Confident in her tracking skills, no squirrel stands a chance against her.

Timid, yet protective, Hershey keeps checking on me. Stopping to turn back and reassure herself that I haven’t vanished and am still securely attached to the other end of her lead. Her exertion-induced, slobber slick face, planted firmly in my crotchal region until I scratch an ear or smooth her neck. Then off she goes, taking her place at the head of the trail.

I’m grateful for:

  1. My Labs, Hershey and Asta
  2. State Parks with marked hiking trails
  3. Dark, water-resistant outdoor pants
  4. Unconditional puppy love

365 Days of Grace


8 thoughts on “Hiking companions

  1. They look like a couple of happy dogs. 🙂 I wish our dog enjoyed walks, but he’d rather just chase a rope all day.


  2. I have two black dogs, although only one is a lab. The other I’m not sure, part pit bull and something else, but they’re both great. Two dogs is really important, I think, compared to having one. They need to socialize with each other.


    1. These two are also some sort of mix, but show more of their Lab characteristics. We think Asta is part beagle, based on how loud she barks. They definitely act like human sisters, and seem happier as a pair.

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  3. Yay, Asta and Hershey! Just taking a quick second and check in with my fellow NaBloPoMo-er, or whatever we’re called (“crazy people,” probably). Nice little ode to the pups, here!


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