Water therapy

bow of a kayak on water

Even when winter is especially cold (it snowed here this past January), Florida offers balmy, beach worthy weather even on normally wintry days, including Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

Spending summers at the shore is pretty much a given. Despite being overrun with tourists and seagulls (flying rats!), hitting the beach is the quintessential go-to activity. But… it’s been done. For someone who lives here year ‘round, it can get a little stale.

For me, just being outside in the sun is great. To be in the woods, and on water, away from crowds, is my favorite summer fun.

There aren’t drastic elevation changes, so there are really no white water rivers. After a hard rain, the waterways get deeper, but they are still easily navigated.

A kayak, and a paddle, and I am floating in heaven.

Cool water beneath my keel, blue skies above me, the shade of the trees, the music of the woods, and I can feel all the stress ease away and a peace wash over me.

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Submitted to Weekly Photo Challenge. Theme: “share a photo that says summer lovin’.”

11 thoughts on “Water therapy

  1. That sounds heavenly! As someone who only has limited access to the “beach” scene (during the few months when our MN lakes are warm enough to swim in) I’ll take any chance I can to be in the water. But I know what you mean about the crowds and noise. It gets old. A quiet trek through a nature is so rejuvenating.


      1. I’m from Fairhope, Alabama originally and we lived in Panama City for several years. Used to canoe up there too 🙂

        If you’re down our way, the Wekiva is very similar to your picture. When my daughter was a Girl Scout I helped teach canoeing at a camp on the Banana River. We saw lots of manatees on that run.

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