100 Word Challenge: Fan

I’m stuck at home today with no car. Not that I want to go anywhere, or need to go anywhere, but IF i did want to go somewhere, I can’t… unless I walk, and that ain’t gonna happen. My Mister is driving my car. His car is getting some planned upgrades that may take a […]

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It was stifling hot. Her hair, wet with sweat, was pulled into a severe ponytail. Her skin glistened with baby oil and iodine, giving it a rusty sheen. Her legs stuck to the plastic webbing of her lounge chair. The red indentations left by the webbing mimicked the small weave on individual straps and would […]

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Summer fun

pink, flowery galoshes

You’re never too old For pastel pink galoshes And puddle jumping

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Hot on the trail

Saturday morning, I went on a photo hike for the first time in months. It was Mojave Hot. I was grateful for what shade I did have, and for the water I remembered to bring. I stayed away from the tourist-packed beaches, and instead took a ramble in the woods around Blackwater River State Park, […]

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Best summer day

colorful toys on the beach

Summer beach time… warm, soft sand; hot, lulling sunshine; cool, ocean breezes; invigorating, saltwater; good food; good drinks; great friends; fun conversations; naps… the best kind of Sunday.

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Making plans

the beach in February

My Running Buddy and I hit the beach this weekend. Our first trip to the Gulf this year. It was glorious. The sun was shining, and the wind was brisk but not freezing. The beach was virtually empty of distracting tourists (except for the family of penguins who insisted in swimming in the 50F water), […]

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