Passion flower


He hung in tatters above her, wielding guilt like a weapon. Twisting the blade a cruel turn, he accused her of terrible betrayals. He flung her love across the room, demanding she confess her infidelities and deceptions.

The more she struggled to convince him of her devotion, the more fiercely he denied it. Tearing at his humanity, shredding it with each dagger of doubt, there would soon be nothing left of him.

She refused to believe he used his madness to manipulate her. In moments of lucidity, he would weep and repent. Revealing a glimpse of the man he once was, only to transmute into Hyde at the slightest perceived transgression.

It was those simple moments that she clung to, praying for a way to sustain that familiar fragment of him. She nurtured it like one of her passion flowers, fragile yet beautiful. Feeding it sweet endearments, and morsels of acquiescence, she waited patiently for it to bloom again, waited for the perfume of passion again.

At night, while she slept in an uneasy bed, he watched her. Marveling at the frown she held even in her dreams. A smile of recognition danced across his face with her every fearful twitch and whimper. She was close to breaking. Her need to fix him was stronger than her need to save herself.

It was so effortless. His only regret was having to do this again with another once he’d used her up.

The Trifecta challenge this week is: Manipulate [ transitive verb \ mə-ˈni-pyə-ˌlāt\] 3: to change by artful or unfair means so as to serve one’s purpose
This week’s Studio30 Plus prompt is inspired by “hung in tatters above her,” from Haunting.

22 thoughts on “Passion flower

  1. OMG! What powerful imagery in here and what insights into the psyches of two so different people – one the hapless victim striving to be the savior and the other the abuser – cold and calculating – enjoying the mind game – shudder! Brilliant piece Tara:-)


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