Hard fought

tree silhouette at sunset

Burnt umber cockleshells capture the roaring ocean
Relentlessly churning in slow motion
A tug of war between planet and moon

Burbling brine, seabirds cawing
Whispering winds, stars falling
A mighty fortress built upon a sand dune

Grappling against the divine
Heaven and ocean intertwine
Divergent devotion, to all I surrender

Diving into the fathomless deep
Close my eyes for eternal sleep
Embracing the sea in all its splendor

Soaring high into the celestial sphere
Breaking my bonds to earth without fear
I touch the Spirit Omniscient

Combatants struggle under a midnight sun
The fearsome battle is done
Grace is sufficient

This week’s Studio30 Plus prompt is “Loathe,” and/or “Planet.”
The 100 Word Challenge is to tell a story in only 100 words. This week’s theme is “Roaring”
This week’s challenge is inspired by Take to the Sky,” by Tori Amos

12 thoughts on “Hard fought

  1. I need to say it reminds me once again of Ben…and his last days. I hate to bring him up, as if it’s all I think of, (it’s not) but when I imagine him wondering if he should stay or go, those I see him grappling with the Divine, making decisions while we cried and prayed.

    I’d like to think that he was at so much peace that he did “break his bonds with the earth without fear” and that he knew that Grace would be more than enough in the afterlife.

    I didn’t mean to take over this piece, it was beautiful, raw and touching. As always, you give words to things I’m feeling.


  2. This was lovely! I could picture it clearly, without the image you included (which was beautiful as well!) There are so many subtle messages here, it speaks to anyone who is in the midst of an exhausting or combatant situation and ends with a promise of peace.


  3. The last line is really the touchstone for me for the rest of the piece… you could have as easily started with it (well, rhyming aside, though I’m glad you didn’t, it’s lovely just as it is). I’m so happy the song spoke to you and helped to create this lovely thing!


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