Fairytale ending

abandoned trailer

I wanted quaint. I wanted a gingerbread cottage with a wrap-around porch filled with rocking chairs where we could drink tall glasses of sweet iced tea, and watch fireflies lighting up the night. I wanted flower boxes on every window overflowing with red geraniums. I wanted a white picket fence fairytale. What I got was a trailer trash nightmare.

All those nights snuggled together sharing our hopes and dreams, I told you all my secrets thinking you and I would be together forever. I’m embarrassed by my gullibility.

You never intended to keep your promises. Was it all some sort of joke to you?

I was a conquest. You didn’t court me, you commandeered me. You took me from my family and friends, everything familiar. There was no one I could turn to for help. There was also no one to see the bruises.

Planning wasn’t difficult. I had all the time in the world. I was even able to Frankenstein the tools I needed from trash you left around the yard. The difficulty was keeping a straight face so you wouldn’t catch on to my scheme.

My only regret was not being able to forever capture that look on your face. The surprise and shock were priceless, but that exploding head part was unfortunately permanently disfiguring. It will be ages before anyone finds what’s left of you. We’re so isolated back here.

I at least got my fairytale ending, the one where the princess defeats the evil ogre.

The Trifecta challenge this week is: Quaint [ adj \kwānt\] 3b: pleasingly or strikingly old-fashioned or unfamiliar

31 thoughts on “Fairytale ending

  1. Tara,
    Terrific story and when I first saw the picture and read the first paragraph I had no idea it was going to end the way it did. I thought when she said that he never intended to give her the quaint cottage that he would move her from this run down mobile home in the woods to another home and a much nicer place. You totally surprised me with the story line. Never expected it to end the way it did and I admit you did a fantastic job of writing on this story. It held my attention all the way to the end. Thank you and please write more for us to read. I love the stories.
    Thank you.


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