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Snow drifts


Pure as driven snow
No Frostys, no forts, no ice fights
This powder don’t pack

Submitted to Haiku Friday for LouCeeL
The sand on Florida’s Gulf Coast is fine, sugar-white quartz. It drifts just like snow, but doesn’t make very good snowballs. It also doesn’t melt and leave nasty slush in its wake. It just sticks to your legs and inside every crevice of your body.

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  1. I love what this makes me think of. It’s cold here, but not cold enough for snow. It’s not warm enough for the beach. This picture reminds me of a time at the beach with my oldest daughter, during a grocery store run after a day on the beach. I was still in my swim trunks, and, while contemplating which salad dressing to buy, I reached down and shook out the inner lining in my trunks, spilling about a cup of sand onto the floor and giving myself much-needed sand relief.

    My teen daughter walked away to dissociate herself from the dolt with sandy shorts. “Wait!” I said. “I think there’s a shark’s tooth in here!” But she kept going.


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