Fresh powder

white sand, fence row

Fresh, loose dry powder Winter white, summer snowy Not ice, crystal quartz The sand on Destin’s Emerald Coast, running along the Gulf of Mexico in Northwest Florida, is composed of crystalline quartz. It looks white, as pure as the driven snow, but it is actually clear and as fine as sugar.

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Frosty the Sandman

sand snowman

White as driven snow This Frosty won’t melt away He is made of sand I’m grateful for: Warm winters Beaches with white, sugar-fine sand Gulf Coast snowmen No cold slush NaBloPloMo 14/30

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Blizzard of ’14

We finally had our two days of winter. It actually snowed in Florida this week! Saying it snowed is a little misleading. There was an accumulation of white stuff on the ground, but it more closely resembled hail or sleet. Whatever it was, it was crunchy and not the lovely, fluffy snowball making stuff. Temps […]

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Snow drifts

white sand drift

Pure as driven snow No Frostys, no forts, no ice fights This powder don’t pack The sand on Florida’s Gulf Coast is fine, sugar-white quartz. It drifts just like snow, but doesn’t make very good snowballs. It also doesn’t melt and leave nasty slush in its wake. It just sticks to your legs and inside […]

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Baby it’s cold outside

In the mornings, I pad around the house in thick wool socks. Shoes make my aching feet hurt all the more, the cold playing havoc with my arthritic joints. Flannel pants keep my legs warm long enough to make it to the living room couch where fleece blankets wait for me to wrap around my freezing […]

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Snow globes

My winters mean long-sleeved tees, closed-toe shoes, and long walks across powder of purest white. Here, snow is created from tiny crystals of Appalachian quartz, washed ashore for millennia. There are drifts piled high against fence rows and along roadsides, but my snow never melts. There are no huge flakes sticking to my clothes and […]

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