vintage novels

I’m not a fan of literary technology. I prefer my books in their natural state – paper and cardboard. If they are bound in leather or buckram, all the better. I like feeling the weight of the words in my hands, touching the pages with my fingertips, inhaling the words like breathing in air.

When I open an old book, sometime I imagine smelling coal oil smoke, or tallow from a burning candle. I can envision the original owner, reading late into the night, engrossed in a mesmerizing tale.

One day soon, real books will be as rare as handwritten letters.

The 100 Word Challenge is to tell a story in only 100 words. This week’s theme is “Rare”
NaBloPoMo 6/30

13 thoughts on “Bibliophile

  1. I love real books as well, and I never thought I’d get into the Kindle craze. Then I got an iPhone and discovered the Kindle app. I love it because I always have my phone with me, therefore I always have my book with me. I can read anywhere and anytime. Best of all it’s so easy to read when I have downtime at work, all I have to do is pull out my phone. I spend WAY too much money on books!


  2. While I appreciate what you’re saying, I absolutely love my Kindle and feel kinda lost without it. Reading a “real” book means there is no auto-dictionary at my fingertips and I have to hold down the pages with something if I want to read and eat at the same time. Oh, such problems to have! lol


  3. I haven’t made the transition to kindle like I thought I would. I still want my lit in bound pages while I lick my fingers to turn them and dog ear the pages to hold my place.

    I hope people are doing that with my books.


  4. Not if I have anything to do with it, I will always, always write letters and cards. I know how much they mean.
    I do use my KINDLE and NOOK apps a lot lately, so much easier than hauling books, but I miss the weight of them in my hands, miss the smell and the feel of them. Miss knowing what page my favorite passages are on…
    I love books that way too, I think anyone who loves reading and books does.


      1. well unless you tell me to “STOP!” I will always do it, I love sending out that big pile of cards, knowing that they will make some people know how much I think of them.


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