100 Word Challenge: Abandon

It’s near the end of February, and I am making progress on my reading list. I’ve finished three books, making progress on three more, and have another book waiting in my queue. (It’s due back at the library in two weeks, so I have a specific deadline unless I renewed it for another seven days.) […]

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Attacking the To-Read pile

I was doing so well. I posted the 100 Word Challenge on time for a couple of weeks, then BOOM, I just couldn’t get inspired. As an experiment, this week I’m moving the posting day to Friday. We can try that for a little while to see if I can meet a deadline. Publishing mid-week […]

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100 Word Challenge: Obsession

old black and white photo

I have a lifelong obsession with books… mayhap I should more accurately say addiction. In my house, between my husband, children and myself, we have close to 1000 books. That’s correct, four figures. Enough to open our own small bookshop. Add to that another 360+ ebooks… well, you can see the problem. I just turned […]

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100 Word Challenge: Arrest

I had a routine doctor’s appointment this week, and as per usual, I took a book expecting a long wait to be invited back to the exam rooms. Once called in, everything went as expected… then my doc asked what I was reading. “’A Gentleman in Moscow’,” I said, explaining I had the book in […]

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100 Word Challenge: Fire

Over the weekend, I finish reading a book I borrowed from my local library, appropriately titled, “The Library Book,” by Susan Orlean. It was about the 1986 fire at the Los Angeles Central Library that destroyed hundreds of thousands of books and other library materials – maps, film, music scores, plays, art… From the book: […]

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100 Word Challenge: Denial

train rails

Have you ever stopped reading a book because the story line was heading toward one of the characters, one that you really like, doing something stupid and you didn’t want to believe it, don’t want to see that train wreck. You hope against hope that what you fear would happen, doesn’t. That’s where I am. […]

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