I will follow you

In true love the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be bridged.”

~ Hans Nouwens

beneath fishing pier

I will follow you to the ends of the earth…
Or the end of the fishing pier, whichever is shorter.
Look at all those broken shells on the beach,
I might cut my foot.
I hate how they feel between my toes, it’s icky.
If I wear Crocs then I get all that sand in my shoe.
So unpleasant…
You expect me to swim? I don’t think so!
Isn’t there a boat or something I can sail in?
There’s all sorts of nasties in that water.
Seaweed, crabs, jellyfish, sharks,
Sea slugs… those are so gross!
I will need Dramamine, I get seasick.
Can we do this after November?
You know, once hurricane season is over?
Spring would be good, but not during school break,
All those college guys, very distracting.
Where are you going?

Submitted to Skywatch Friday

NaBloPoMo 7/30

14 thoughts on “I will follow you

    1. Live about 20 min. from the beach but I only go to when the crowds have left – that would be in the winter months. The beach and towns close by ar so beautiful – there’s always a lot to take pics of. So, I wouldn’t have flip flops on then, lol:)


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