Old fishing hole

Primo fishing spot Not bass nor trout that’s jumping I’m out catching waves

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Beneath dark waters

Moonlight spreads across the placid landscape like warm honey, glazing bare tree branches in its saccharine, amber glow. An ancient evil swims beneath the deceptively serene waters. Small ripples stretch out across the surface as the behemoth glides toward the shore, its great maw open, skimming for tiny fish and krill. These measly morsels are […]

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dilapidated ocean pier

Timeworn and weathered Solitude nae loneliness Solace by the sea

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From the chaos

breaking wave during a storm

It shall be called Seas Separated from dry land This on the third day

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churning ocean wave

Sea waves curl and churn Spilling o’er the horizon Its secrets revealed

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Sea and sky


Between sea and sky A leaf upon the water Briny breath exhaled

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