Beneath dark waters

Moonlight spreads across the placid landscape like warm honey, glazing bare tree branches in its saccharine, amber glow.

An ancient evil swims beneath the deceptively serene waters. Small ripples stretch out across the surface as the behemoth glides toward the shore, its great maw open, skimming for tiny fish and krill. These measly morsels are not enough to quench its monstrous appetite. It hungers for more satiating nourishment, it needs… more.

Don’t be afraid, step to the water’s edge. Let the sensuous undulation of the beast mesmerize you as it moves through the shallow pools just beyond the shifting sand.

Inspiration: Honey
The Darkroom badge
Inspiration: Dark tree

5 thoughts on “Beneath dark waters

    1. This was actually based on something I saw recently at the beach near me. This huge dark shape was swimming along the shoreline. There was no fin, so we were fairly sure it wasn’t a shark. Whatever it was, it was BIG. I stayed out of the water the rest of the day.


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