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Monkey in the middle


I instinctively ducked away from the hand reaching toward me from the center of the jungle gym, and gracelessly face-planted on a t-joint of hard metal.

Sitting in the dirt, I ran my tongue over my fractured front tooth, tasting the iron tang of blood where my incisors cut through my lip. I spit out ivory grit and pink foam, and knew I was in deep trouble.

Mom told me to stay away from the playground while she watched my brother’s ballgame, but I never listen.

This would be the first time I contemplated running away from home.

This week’s challenge is inspired by The National’s, “Graceless.”
Submitted to Skywatch Friday

9 thoughts on “Monkey in the middle Leave a comment

  1. Iron Tang Of Blood – new band name….metal of course

    strong and tight. This had great imagery.

    It’s been forever since you’ve picked the song. Want too? Let me know on the medias that are social.


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