High slide pirate

Peter Pan’s a punk Scurrilous playground bully High slide pirate cap’n

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Playground nostalgia

playground sit and spin

Whirling ’til I puke Leaping from a sky-high swing Blistering park slides

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Playground time warp

playground merry-go-round

The merry-go-round turned in unsteady circles. Time and weather dulled the once brightly painted framework. Years of little feet racing around the spinning platform had created a dusty moat, wearing away the foundation and making the whole contraption treacherous. It was perfect. I was taken back to my childhood. Warm summer days spent outside until […]

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Monkey in the middle

I instinctively ducked away from the hand reaching toward me from the center of the jungle gym, and gracelessly face-planted on a t-joint of hard metal. Sitting in the dirt, I ran my tongue over my fractured front tooth, tasting the iron tang of blood where my incisors cut through my lip. I spit out […]

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