Practice makes perfect

tunnel of love street art

True love is hard work
Twenty-seven years practice
Almost got it right

Submitted to Haiku Friday at LouCeeL

*The Mister and I are celebrating our 27th anniversary today. Our union may not be perfect, but we sure are having fun working on it.

9 thoughts on “Practice makes perfect

  1. On Friday, when you wrote this, I was visiting my best friend and reading your posts, “Lisa, Tara , yep, my friend on the internet, the one in the Florida, YESSSS, the pictures, inspired right? She’s been married 27 years today!”

    Lisa, “now that’s awesome, tell her she’s awesome!”
    Kir: “I’m pretty sure she knows. ” and we giggled.

    hope you had a fantastic weekend celebrating. Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness..laughter and understanding.


  2. With nearly 23 years under our belts (literally, dammit), I believe imperfection cannot be overrated…enough 🙂 Happy Anniversary!!!


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