Escape plan

Florida marsh

Everyone should have a safe place to escape. Somewhere far away from the noise and stress of the day. For me, it’s being outdoors, being out in the woods or walking along the beach. The stillness allows me to think, or just empty my mind of all the things that have been demanding my attention. I can relax, if only for an hour. I can take that calm back with me, and find direction and order in the chaos that can be my life.

Submitted to Skywatch Friday, Season 6: Episode 48

7 thoughts on “Escape plan

  1. I agree with you about an escape plan, but knowing you’re here in Florida too (as we still are), I was expecting something more practical (tropical storm warning here in this part today)…..your picture is beautifuly calming. Can’t wait for the blue skies to return.


    1. Ha! I had this post pre-written before the morning weather reports regarding the storm in the Gulf. It’s not raining this far north, but I expect some tonight.


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