Token from the sea

hermit crab shell

A little jewel of Poseidon, relinquished from the bottom of the ocean. Opalescent blue and green, shades of sea-foam and kelp, lying unconditionally on the sand. Swirls of churning waves and rip tides etched on its surface. A token, a gift of water from the gods, to hold in your hand, its secrets to hold in your heart.

Submitted to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. This week the theme was to “share a picture in which color takes center stage.”

19 thoughts on “Token from the sea

  1. I have been thinking about this picture since I saw it the first time , over the weekend.
    (If this is one that you will be offering to the public, I really want to own it. The blue is so beautiful and tangled in the greens of the sea grass, it just reminds me of knowing there is something underneath)

    naming it :”Token from the sea” is so appropriate, gifts come from such unexpected places.


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