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Telemarketer: West Africa calling

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Each of my peeps have their own cell phone. Have had since each of our kids reached middle school age and became active in after-school activities.

Most of my family and friends, and business contacts, call my cell phone if they need to reach me. Even my Luddite mother, who shuns the Internet but finally got her own cell phone, only calls my cell phone.

Still I keep our landline at home. Well, it’s a cell phone too, but we maintain the same number we had when it was tethered to the wall.

I’ve registered all our phone numbers (including the home phone) several times with the Do Not Call telemarketing registry. Apparently, simply registering doesn’t guarantee avoiding robo-calls.

That’s where caller ID has been so handy. I estimate that of the few calls I receive on our house phone, 95% are telemarketers. If I don’t recognize the number, or at least the area code, I won’t answer. Anyone who really wants to talk to me can leave a voice message, and I’ll call them back. Otherwise, I ignore the call.

Sometimes though, just for giggles, I do a reverse lookup on the listed caller. I’ve yet to connect an unknown number to a legitimate business or an actual person. Typically, I find links to rant forums complaining about receiving calls from the same number I did.

I love some of the comments:

406-577-1215: One commenter called the telemarketer “…Robot Human Vultures circling you to pick your bones and wallet clean.”

215-383-3357: Alleged to be a home security company. Seriously? Blind calling people about installing alarm systems, seems, well… ironic.

618-551-5665: A pre-recorded message about suing credit card companies. Again, ironic, since contacting someone on the DNC Registry is supposed to be a criminal offense.

412-532-0136: Another home security scam. One forum member is keeping track of how often he’s contacted, hoping to successfully sue for the potential $1,500 in damages per call.

222-555-7777: I thought 555 numbers were only used on TV and the movies. The area code is Mauritania, a country in West Africa. The caller, according to the forums, attempts to get victims to allow access to home computers for a virus check. Turning down the offer, IT specialist Warren quipped, “… didn’t drink a glass of stupid this morning.”

Until I disconnect my landline, I’ll keep checking caller IDs and ignoring telemarketers. How to you handle unwanted phone calls?

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  1. I have the same policy. If I don’t recognize the number, I don’t answer. We keep the land line because that’s the one our parents mainly call. If not for them, we would probably disconnect it.


  2. Exactly the same way. in fact I only have a landline because it’s part of my cable package which my company pays for. I think only two of my friends have that number and we use it for looooong girl chats. I do the reverse lookups too. Never anyone you would ever want to speak with.


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