Planting season


February is planting season in Florida. By the end of the month, overnight winter freezes are over and it’s safe to break ground.

This Sunday’s forecast calls for low temps in the hi-20s, but within a week, nights are expected to be a balmy 55F. Bags of top soil and mulch are stacked head-high on pallets at local garden shops and home centers, and shelves of starter plants line the walls. My own above-ground planters need weeding and re-filling with garden dirt.

I’m giving up trying to raise tomatoes. My vines are gorgeous, but I rarely get more than three or four toms mature to ripeness. My pepper plants do well. I even have a red, wrinkled jalapeño that lasted through the winter. Herbs also seem to flourish, I just have to decide which ones I’ll use the most.

Today is overcast and cold, but soon, the skies will be clear and blue again. I’m ready for Spring.

Submitted to Skywatch Friday, Season 6: Episode 32

*Photo venue: walking trails at Fort Pickens, near Pensacola, FL