Farm fresh

Farm fresh

It’s been warm enough this week, that I’m going to get my summer clothes out of storage, and pack away my winter stuff. We are past any freeze risk, so I’m also planning on putting in some veggies this next week. I’m giving tomatoes another chance, and setting out a few peppers and herbs. The [...]

Planting season

February is planting season in Florida. By the end of the month, overnight winter freezes are over and it's safe to break ground. This Sunday's forecast calls for low temps in the hi-20s, but within a week, nights are expected to be a balmy 55F. Bags of top soil and mulch are stacked head-high on [...]

Tastes like sunshine

I sliced up the first tomato from my garden today for lunch. It was sweet, and juicy and tasted like sunshine. If you've only had tomatoes from a grocery and never one still warm from the vine... you don't know what you're missing... pure ambrosia. This season I've actually paid attention to my garden. Watering [...]

Taste of summer

Orbs of green sprouting Anticipating sweet reds Best taste of summer * Haiku Friday is hosted by Lou at LouCeeL. *My salsa garden of tomatoes, jalapeños and bell peppers has finally started producing fruit. I cannot wait for my first taste of homegrown veggies.