What’s in a name

“Pick a word you think describes her then go to Google translate and plug it into 10 different languages.” The Boy offered up his suggestion for picking a name for our newest family member.

I thought that was a great idea, until I actually went through the process. I didn’t take into account pronunciation problems. If I don’t know how to say a word, it probably wouldn’t make a good name.

Taking advantage of all the baby name websites, I went there next. I’ve had pets with people names – Barnum, Bridget, Bailey, Maxx, Bill and Sam – but wanted something different this time.

I’ve also had pets named Scruffy, Buster, D.D. and Brandy. Our pets now, are Hershey and Pollo del Fuego.

This new member of our family has to have just the right name. I think pets’ names mold their personalities. I can’t have a dog named Lady or Trixie.

I thought about playing off Hershey’s name, calling her Reeses. Maybe even play off Pollo’s name. We could call her Arroz, shortened to Rozie. Get it? Chicken and Rice? No?

There would be no Harry Potter or Twilight names – no Hermione, Dobby or Bella. No names from TV shows – no Abby, or Olivia, no Gemma.

Other names I considered, and rejected:

  • Wendy – suggested by my daughter, but shared with my step-sister. I didn’t think she’d be flattered.
  • Tallulah – apparently one of my daughter’s friends has a dog by that name, can’t be poaching another family’s pet name.
  • Chloe – until my son reminded me a Kardashian sister had that name too.
  • Oreo – she is black with white markings, but how could you shorten Oreo? Not gonna yell, “O, O, O.” when I want her to come to me.

At one point, as I was reading aloud from a list of Top Female Puppy Names, my son accused me of “making shit up.”

Some of you people should never be allowed to name another living creature. “Girlfriend?” Seriously?

I finally whittled down my search to one name.

Meet Asta…


(Named after the dog in the “Thin Man” movies of the 1930s and ’40s.)

15 thoughts on “What’s in a name

  1. Perfect! I love Asta. We have a cat named Oreo. I call him O all the time. Does he answer? Not really, but he’s a cat, so I’m not sure if he doesn’t know that’s his name or if he’s just being a jerky cat.


  2. Asta is a brilliant name. It is not a common name, and I love that. Our “buddy” came with his name and he was used to it, so we left it alone. We now have “monki and alfie” love name picking!


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