Have camel, will travel

Camel rides

Tomorrow morning, hours before the sun comes up, my husband is taking our daughter to the airport. She’ll make two connections, and take train ride, before boarding another plane to carry her across the ocean to Northern Africa.

For the next three weeks she’ll be living and studying in a foreign country…  in the grand tradition of Ingrid Bergman. She is participating in a Conflict and Peace short-course through George Mason University, and is joining several other U.S. And foreign students in Rabat, Morocco. They are also going to Marrakesh, Casablanca and Fes.

An earlier attempt to study in Sweden failed miserably when both her current university and the host school epically screwed up her plans. The very next day, this new opportunity arrived via email. It was kismet.

During the trip, the group plans to camp in the desert. I was only kidding when I chided her about having to travel the old-fashioned way, by camel. Apparently, that will be their mode of transportation.

Lucky for her, she already has dromedary experience.

This week’s Studio30 Plus theme is “Old-fashioned,” and/or “Merry and Bright.”

8 thoughts on “Have camel, will travel

  1. I’m EXCITED for her. What a wonderful way to spend a few weeks.
    Stinky camels and all…Oh the stories to tell ….

    SAFE TRAVELS..and Hug to you PROUD Mama!


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