Extended warranty


EKG, X-ray
Anemia blood-letting
Warranty expired

Been putting off some routine medical tests, but I finally got around to scheduling several of them recently. Had my blood pressure checked (all good), had my first EKG (heart is in excellent shape), got a chest X-ray, and a nice phlebotomist liberated a couple of vials of blood. I’m also supposed to schedule a pulmonary function test, but I’m going to wait on that until I get my lab and X-ray results.

Seems I get a little winded when I really shouldn’t (think: getting out of breath just showering and dressing). I’m thinking age and excess baggage is the problem, but the medical professionals are concerned it may be something else. Meh.

For now, I’m staying away from Dr. Google and waiting to hear back from my primary doc.

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12 thoughts on “Extended warranty

  1. i mentioned some of my energy loss problem to my family and they had me diagnosed with cancer and ebola and something with alga at the end…

    It’s middle-age and maybe maintenance. hang in there, partner.


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