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Dear John dinner


I should’ve ended it months ago. There’s no fire with him, no spark. He’s attractive enough, but he’s just too nice. I even pick fights to see if he’ll stand up for himself. Instead, he simply acquiesces.

I have no sympathy for him. I need a man who will argue with me.

When he brought up the idea me making him dinner, I was so surprised he actually asked me for something, that I agreed, all the while knowing I’d dump him that night.

Rachel came over to help me with meal prep. “What are you serving?”

“Tea and disappointment.”

Submitted to Lance and robot Leeroy: This week’s challenge is inspired by Fiona Apple’s “Criminal”

11 thoughts on “Dear John dinner Leave a comment

  1. *slow clap* Very nice. Like Lance, I’ve been that sad sack of a dude in what seems like another life. Great – now I’m remembering a certain person I’ve been trying hard to forget. Tea and disappointment, indeed.

    Awesome job, as always.


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