A day in the life

My day begins before sunrise, when the others are still asleep. I patrol the perimeter, looking for intruders and making sure everyone is in bed where they belong.

Mom is always the first awake, she never seems to sleep. I need to check on her, to make sure she is okay. If I snuggle with her, it calms her down. Climbing up on her shoulder, I nuzzle her cheek, purring a lullaby until she dozes.

I leave Dad lone. He’s not a morning person like Mom, and he doesn’t appreciate my singing.

When I have Mom settled, I look in on the Dog-Child. She is my favorite even if she is so much bigger than I am. I sing to her too, but I don’t think she appreciates my songs as much as Mom. I know she loves me, even if she plays hard to get.

My foster-sister is in her room with The Boy. I don’t bother them, he won’t wake up for hours, and all Sister wants to do is fight with me. I can take her, she hits like a girl. She’s always picking on me and gets me in trouble with I fight back.

By now Mom is up and I help her with breakfast. She likes getting chores done early in the morning so she can watch me run my parkour courses. My agility and skill are impressive, and she enjoys my performance. Sister tries to keep up, but it’s just embarrassing.

Once I finish with breakfast, I make another perimeter check. I inspect corners making sure there are no strange smells, if there are I neutralize those with my own special scent. Mom and Dad don’t like it when I do that, but they don’t understand that it keeps predators and other strangers away.

After the walk through, it’s time to take care of my personal appearance. If I do say so myself, I have fabulous hair and it takes time to keep it so luxurious. It doesn’t help that Sister is always trying to pull it out. She’s obviously jealous.

Next on my schedule is my daily exercise. As mentioned before, I’m into parkour, free-style running. Mom has set up the living room obstacle course just like I want. I can race across the back of the couch, flip to the ottoman, then roll over the back of Dad’s chair, slide under the desk, weave through the window shade slats, and up the sides of my cat castle… repeat. I can do this for hours and not even breathe hard.

My exuberance does tire Mom out though, so for her benefit I take a nap. I usually sleep until dinner, following Mom to bed after we eat, so she can write or read. I join her most evenings, just so she doesn’t get lonely. By the time Dad comes to bed, it’s time for my first perimeter walk through, and my day starts all over again.

It’s been a while since I’ve joined in the Scriptic fun, but I thought, ‘what the hell, it’s not like I’m doing anything else now… like NaNoWriMo.’ Anyway…

For the Scriptic prompt exchange this week, Christine gave me this prompt: A day in the life. You decide whose life. Word limit: 500 words.

I gave Jordan this prompt: Thanksgiving is here, what person and/or event in your life are you most thankful for and why?

7 thoughts on “A day in the life

  1. I LOVED this. I’m grinning like a fool reading it. Good story and reminds me of H’s very own “Sir Richard Charles” who is the youngest and smallest but also the biggest pain in my rear (but I love him anyway).


  2. Oh, my goodness – we had a cat just like that. He even looked just like yours, except that Urban Sprawl (yes, his real name) had a white splotch on his chest, and white feet. Nice job with the prompt – I’m still trying to wrap my head around mine! 🙂


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