A child is born

The city was awash in lights. Strings of brilliant white festooned store fronts, casting glittering reflections on the falling snow. Decorated shop windows pulled in holiday revelers with Christmas scenes of pine trees draped in tinsel and garland, and children, faces filled with awe and wonder, eagerly opening Santa’s presents. Audry recognized Landon’s profile as... Continue Reading →

Until proven guilty

The room was uncannily hushed when we filed into the jury box. The thrill of serving on a high-profile case was tempered by being in a position of public scrutiny if we screwed up the verdict. For the first two days, we heard testimony from specialists and hired experts. Without our binder of documents, it... Continue Reading →


Dried leaves, filtering through the collapsing roof, crunched under her feet. Walking from room to room, flashbacks from her childhood twisted through her memory. The door long gone, she stepped over the threshold of the closet where she slept. A metal chest sat forlorn in the corner. Inside, she was shocked to find the remains... Continue Reading →


The room was designed to intimidate. The oversized partners desk and chair made any visitor feel Lilliputian. I sank into the antique, leather wingback opposite the solicitor who ruled the domain, my toes barely brushing the floor. The Wallis family retainer for generations, this would be the final last will and testament Raymond Blackburn, Esq.,... Continue Reading →

Seriously, just absolutely fabulous!

Except for the never-ending spell checker, and the occasional perusal through a thesaurus to make sure the word I want to use is actually the word I need to use, I write pretty much like I talk. I tend to be extremely verbose and will repeat myself several times, only rephrasing, to the chagrin of... Continue Reading →


Once again, he had been let down. This year, he decided, things would be different. “It’s just not fair,” he sounded like a petulant child. “That should be me.” “What are you on about now?” Gabe tuned the strings on his lyre, trying to ignore Michael’s incessant complaining about the newest messengers. They both watched... Continue Reading →

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