Blues Brothers

Bathed in the glow of a blue moon, they gather. Speaking in hushed tones, talk turns to serious matters, words too harsh for the bright light of day.

Blue language peppers their discussions, being men of a certain age common civilities are irrelevant. Bitter debate dissolves into ribald tales of blue virgins, willingly turned to a life of debauchery. Biting retorts become punchlines to their salty jokes.

Soon favorite stories, reminiscent of days long past, lead to blue memories. Friends gone, lost too soon. Sadness brings a hush over their council, blue hairs not far behind their compatriots. Bowing their heads for a moment of silence, they raise their cups, Jamaican Blue coffee, pouring out a small offering in their honor.

Their time done, they make their way home, to quiet solitude, contemplating what will be in the morrow’s agenda.

Submitted to WordPress Weekly Challenge. This week the theme was to “incorporate a splash of color into (y)our posts.”

*I did not edit the coloring for the photo. It was taken very early one morning just as the sun was rising. The pier, and its denizens, were still in shadow, casting the scene in a wash of blue.

7 thoughts on “Blues Brothers

  1. This felt old in a good way. There’s a layer of innocence mixed in that’s perfect. You’re on fire, like 10 great pieces in a row. I’m envious.


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