Week 31: back on the road

I spent part of this week visiting with my College Kid, so in about half of my 365, the images are at least different from what I’ve been photographing. It tells me that I really need to get out of my house more often than just on weekends. There is a lot of cool stuff “Out There” just waiting to be captured on a digital media card… I was going to say film, but that would date me.

How many of my fellow photographers have actually shot with black and white film? Can you even get 35mm Kodachrome anywhere?

8 thoughts on “Week 31: back on the road

  1. Ahhh B&W film. I loved shooting with that. Mainly because I could actually develop it myself. Color was way too tricky.

    My dad had this old camera that took AMAZING pictures. It was SO heavy though


    1. Developing b/w film really was easy, and easily manipulated when developing prints. I wish I remembered more about how to use my camera’s manual settings, and not rely so much on the digital auto options.


    1. I loved using my old Ricoh SLR. I had several color filters that I used when shooting in black and white. Even with all the options offered with digital editing, film photography is still the best.


  2. Actually, I am fond of Black and White photos even now. It’s just processed into Black and White instead of taken on BW film. That was where my love of just a little colour started. I used to paint the colour into black and whites, with an actual brush and special paint. Yep, I remember Kodachrome (and the one roll I have left that has been sitting in a bag for almost a decade now). I know where you can get one roll 😉


    1. I was a journalism student in college. My photography class was shot entirely in b/w and I processed the film myself. It was, by far, my favorite class and instilled a lifelong love of photography.


      1. I would have loved to develop my own, the closest I got was a very good friend who did it herself… while I watched.

        My love started with a Brownie that my father bought me at a thrift store 😉


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