Spring has sprung

Spring has come to Florida! Well, it’s been here a while, but I finally got to work and took advantage of the frostless days and started my annual attempt at growing things. I have a notorious brown thumb, but it never keeps me from trying.

Several years ago my husband built me two raised planters, and last year he enclosed them with hardware cloth and roof netting. Having done that, I could no longer blame squirrels and birds on any crop failures.


Digging in the dirt

The first order of business was to weed the planters. Hershey, Lab digger extraordinaire, helped, making the process go that much faster.

Digger extraordinaire

She also unearthed a new friend… I’m going to keep him and call him George.

I will keep him and name him George

I’ve only set out a few new veggies – a few toms, a couple jalapeños, and cilantro – I plan to plant some zucchinis and maybe some okra. My friend Vidya has promised me some recipes for dishes other than fried okra or gumbo. I may also put in a cucumber vine for Heather.  In the other planter, I have Thai and sweet basil, Rosemary and citrus mint. I want to also put in sage and thyme.

Salsa garden

Poor Scruffy watched longingly at the window while Hershey and I dug in the dirt. I think he really wanted to play with George.

Call of the wild

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