Week 6: 365 Project

I’m starting to get into a bit of a rhythm and getting more photos with my Nikon and not just my camera phone. Once the ratio was leaning more toward my DSLR I felt I was really participating and not just going through the motions

This week, the only shot I kept that was taken without my Nikon was the one of our cat Scruffy. He isn’t the best model and shies away from anything other than my iPhone. He looked so serene within all that white, and I knew if I waited to get my camera he’d leave. Opportunity offered, and taken.

The featured photo is similar to Scruffy’s portrait in that, I was given an opportunity and took it. Driving around running errands, I stopped at a small city park and noticed a woman feeding seagulls by the boat ramp. I HATE SEAGULLS, but they can often make great photo themes. As I walked down to the ramp, I notice a lone heron among the tumult.

When the woman and her food left, the seagulls flew away, but the heron stayed. Unfortunately for the birds, but fortunately for me, these majestic avians have become so acclimated to humans, they often don’t flee when confronted. Inching nearer to him, camera ready in case he did take off, I was able to get fairly close. The only thing he did to acknowledge my presence was to turn his head, and draw his wings in tight to his body. The whole while, he kept an eye on me. After taking a few shots, I left as slowly and quietly as I approached.

Haute heron
Week 6

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15 thoughts on “Week 6: 365 Project

  1. Man, I am glad I came over here to check this out. The photos are absolutely beautiful. Actually, this entire blog is beautiful. I love the header image, the background, even the fonts. Amazing. You definitely have an eye.

    I’ll definitely be back.


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