Merry Christmeme

I saw this fun holiday meme at Terri’s and thought I would play along.

1. The Christmas song I can listen to even in June is:

Hands down, my favorite Christmas song is ‘Oh, Holy Night.’ Chills, I tell you! Every time I hear it, no matter what time of the year, I can get all tingly and teary.

2. Hot chocolate, eggnog or mulled wine?

Hubs has a recipe for mulled wine that is amazing. On Christmas we mix all the ingredients into a crock pot and sip on it all day. It’s lovely.

3. When do you put up your Christmas decorations?

As our kids have gotten older, the later and later the decorations go up. Our oldest moved to North Caroline this past summer and we waited until she came home for her Christmas Break before we did anything other than set up the tree and hang lights. We wanted her to be included in the festivities too.

4. What are you having for Christmas dinner?

I haven’t decided on a menu yet, but most likely it will be pretty much a repeat of Thanksgiving, except we won’t be frying a turkey. If I had my way, we’d fix up a few hundred buffalo wings and onion rings, maybe some fried pickles.

5. What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?

When my kids were very young I made them an Advent Calendar. It was huge. More a wall-hanging than anything. I would spend months finding little gifts to fill the pockets, making treasure maps for the items that didn’t fit, and picking just the right mix of fun and useful… each year the kids would get holiday socks, or gloves. They’re too old for the calendar now, and even though I would sometimes complain about how difficult it had become to fill it, I do miss that holiday tradition.

6. Have you ever gone carol singing?

I vaguely remember caroling with my church group when I was a teen in Tennessee. I did set a holiday tunes station on Pandora so I can listen to carols whenever I want.

7. When did you discover the truth about Santa?

I don’t remember specifically being told anything different about the Jolly Ol’ Elf, but I distinctly remember my daughter coming home from school upset that one of her classmates had insisted Santa wasn’t real. She was maybe 10. I asked her how she would feel if she learned that Santa was really just her dad and me. With big tears in her eyes, she crossed her arms and told me she wouldn’t like it and that it meant that we had lied to her ‘her whole life.’ I then asked if the kids who didn’t believe in Santa still got presents from him. She said ‘No.’ I then asked if her friends who did believe still got Santa gifts. ‘Yes.’ I then asked what she thought. We never spoke about the reality of Santa again, and she and her brother continued to get presents from Santa. I reminded her about this talk recently when she was home from school. She didn’t remember it at all. I guess it made a bigger impression on me than her.

8. How do you decorate your Christmas tree?

The vast majority of our decorations are handmade… either ornaments the kids made over the year or ones I crocheted, or handcrafted items the Hubs and I have collected. Our tree is an eclectic mish-mash of all sorts of ornaments and colored lights. I am also a ‘no tinsel’ sort. Can’t stand the silvery, stuff. We are, however; an artificial tree family. I haven’t had a cut Christmas tree since moving to Florida.

9. What’s the best thing about Christmas?

Are you kidding? All the presents! No, seriously. More and more, the best thing about Christmas is knowing that my family will be together.

10. All I want for Christmas is:

I really don’t want any Thing for Christmas. I would love some alone time with Hubs, and for there to be no drama during the holidays… just fun, and happiness.

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmeme

  1. I’ve never had mulled wine. It sounds delicious. Might have to give that a try. And I’d also love to have wings, onion rings and fried pickles for Christmas dinner. My side of the family never has a traditional meal and that makes it fun. We can count on Mark’s family to provide the tradition.

    You’ve written about the advent calendar before. That really is an amazing thing. The kids must have absolutely loved it as they were growing up.


  2. 1, Christmas Wrapping – The Waitresses
    2. Hot chocolate (w whiskey)
    3. Usually the day after THanksgiving. This yr out blended fam schedule was so screwed up, we did it two days before Thanksgiving
    4. Ham, mashed potatoes, the usual stuff. My motehr in law loves me so tehre will be pumpkin pie.
    5. JUst the whole kids getting up early for their Santy Claus stuff…its special
    6. never
    7. 8….kept it to myself until 10

    8. we do homemade decorations and no tinsil…it;’s kind of a ragtag deal but we love it
    9. the happiness and closeness of me and my women.
    10. for number 9 to be special…i dont care about presents


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