Muses: fear and hope

Fear, hope, twin sisters
Muses, their sultry voices
Not so contrary

Whispered cruel asides
Murmured secrets, tales and lies
Of what fate withholds

Of the may-bes, of could-bes

A dance, eternal
Turning, spinning off balance
The band relentless

Hope, fear, twin sisters
Sing duets in harmony
Hymns and dirges, discordant

Sudden catch of breath
A pounding heart, racing blood
Trembling and pallid

What is must be veiled
At fingertips reach, never
Close enough to touch

Fear does not exist
Without a glimmer of hope

Hope will not prevail
Without the small chill of fear

The 100 Word Challenge, a writing prompt created by Velvet Verbosity, takes a single theme to tell a story in only 100 words ~ no more, no less. This week’s theme is ‘Voice.’

*This week’s word was inspired by National Poetry Month. In celebration, our lovely hostess has promised to choose all our prompts for the month of April from poems. In keeping with a poetry theme, this entry is written in haiku form, so not only do you get exactly 100 words, but they are also in 5/7/5 syllables.

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