Melodramatic Muse

I watch the tiny monster watching me. Its beady eyes never leave my face, its smile a hungry sneer. It turns my stomach sour, but I can’t look away. Panic strains against my chest. clawing to get out. A swell of terror poised on my lips, the slightest nudge from the demon enough to set […]

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A cat and a cuppa tea

A big comfy chair and cuppa tea Grandma’s quilt a snug cocoon about my legs Well-loved pen held easy in aging fingers Blank paper thirsty for my bard’s ink Words swirl and spin around my head Fanciful yarns and chilling mysteries Feline companion, most enigmatic of all mysteries Catnip and lemon tea Soft fur to […]

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Muses’ revenge

down into a stairwell

With hammer and chisel, ancient masters chipped away jagged shards of stone bringing forth images of man and woman so lifelike that had they opened their eyes and breathed it would have been evidence of their holy birth. Arduous and time-consuming, sculpting of old was not an efficacious method of artistic expression. In the modern […]

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Monumental muse

St. Michael's Cemetery

I find my muse in a garden, not of flowers, but of marble and wrought iron. There is peace among the stones, a quiet comfort being surrounded by angels and saints.

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Muses: fear and hope

Fear, hope, twin sisters Muses, their sultry voices Not so contrary Whispered cruel asides Murmured secrets, tales and lies Of what fate withholds Anticipation Of the may-bes, of could-bes Possibilities A dance, eternal Turning, spinning off balance The band relentless Hope, fear, twin sisters Sing duets in harmony Hymns and dirges, discordant Sudden catch of […]

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