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Morning people suck

For the past week I’ve been walking in the morning… six out of the last seven days. I’ve laced on my Nikes, clicked on my iPod, stuffed my Skull Candy ear buds into my head and off I’d go. I’m a strider. I walk fast and keep my eyes ahead, so when I’m zoned out on my walks I’m not thinking of much else other than what song is playing next or how to avoid the dog poop on the sidewalk.

That is until I see another walker out. Then I slow my pace a little, plunk one ear bud out so I can hear if the other person speaks to me, and put on my best ‘walkers unite smile.’

It’s like when I’m in line at a check out and my phone rings. I only answer it if it’s one of my kids, then I ask them if I can call back. I think it’s rude to clerks to talk on the phone the whole while they are providing me a service. Same thing when meeting someone out, I think it’s rude of me to not answer if they speak to me, I can’t hear them if my ears are plugged…. that’s just me.

Maybe it was that it was overcast, maybe my bright orange Rocky Top Tennessee ball cap offended a Florida native, who knows, but Tuesday was grumpy walker day in my neighborhood.

I was on my turnaround, headed home, less than a mile to go and I saw her walking toward me. Ambling really, strolling. As the distance closed between us, I tugged out an ear bud, smiled and chirped out a ‘Good Morning.’ Maybe she doesn’t like perky people, maybe she doesn’t like morning people, maybe… who knows. All I do know is that she sneered at me. Sneered… and I can’t be sure, but she grunted something that sounded like ‘morning,’ and there was nothing ‘good’ about it.

As we passed, I continued to smile and she held onto her lip-curling snarly face. It was a true buzz kill… I had been having a great walk. I even turned around to watch her walk away, thinking maybe she’d add a ‘hi, how are you’ gesture as my back turned.

I’m not going to let this ruin my day, or keep me from getting back out tomorrow. But, I will have to fight my passive-aggressive tendencies to put on a bigger, cheerier, perkier smile if I see her again and resist the urge to wish her a ‘Great Morning!’ I guess a hug would be out of the question… right?

*disclaimer – I was not compensated in any way for mentioning specific brands in this post, these are merely the products I own and use on a regular basis.

17 thoughts on “Morning people suck Leave a comment

  1. Congrats on the routine: that’s great!
    What I do when I’m walking with earbuds in place is just give people I pass a nice smile and a nod. It’s easier, and just as friendly! 🙂


  2. I was never a “morning” person until I had children of my own. My youngest is a very happy little person in the morning, how can you grumble at a cute, small voice (who just ran in to see you from her room) that says, “Good morning, Mommy!”


  3. F her! seriously. you are sweet taking off your headset to listen and wanting to greet people with a smile, don’t let some grump take that from you. She will feel like crap for not saying it back but you have a good heart, enjoy your walks! 🙂


  4. Good for you for doing this morning walk. Your sneering lady? Well, I’ve noticed that there are many people in the world who didn’t listen to Mother when she told them, “Don’t make that expression. Your face will get stuck that way.” Maybe they even sneered at Mother when she said it. But in any case, their faces DID get stuck that way. That sneer you saw on the other walker’s face may have BEEN her smile. Sad, I know.


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