Weekly Winners ~ 2010 retrospective

Because this is a new space, though I’m not new to Weekly Winners (and because holiday prep left me no time to get out for a photo hunt this week), I’m instead featuring some of my favorite snaps from 2010 (I did include one from Christmas morning, just to be fair)…

January 2010 - Lincoln Park, Niceville, FL
February 2010 - Henderson Bch State Park, Destin, FL
March 2010 - Santa Rosa Bch, FL
April 2010 - Fort Pickens State Park, Pensacola, FL
May 2010 - Maxwell Gunther Rec. Area, Bluewater Bay, FL
June 2010 - Crab Island, East Pass, Destin, FL
July 2010 - Big Lagoon State Park, Pensacola, FL
August 2010 - Ninth Ward, New Orleans, LA
September 2010 - Tarklin Bayou State Preserve, Pensacola, FL
October 2010 - Maxwell Gunther Rec. Area, Bluewater Bay, FL
November 2010, Crystal Beach, Destin, FL
December 2010, Villa Tasso, FL

When I wasn’t knee deep in Christmas wrap, or elbow deep in casseroles and pumpkin pie ingredients, this is what I was doing… lounging in my uber pink, footed, bunny pjs. And, yes, I did wear them ALL day Saturday.

Christmas 2010

More Weekly Winners photo galleries can be found at I am Lotus. Please leave a little comment love for our lovely hostess and the other WW photogs.

For more photos, please visit my Flickr photostream.

15 thoughts on “Weekly Winners ~ 2010 retrospective

  1. First off… I’ve been a terrible blog reader & friend lately by not responding about your closing the old blog and opening this one. I’m just SO grateful you’re still around in whatever form it takes!!!!!!

    Second, I love this retrospective! I may have to steal your idea for my final post of 2010. All beautiful images and they tell a wonderful story. Great idea!


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